Solo Flight

Violinist Susie Hansen’s highly acclaimed debut CD Solo Flight is a collection of fiery Afro-Cuban Latin jazz instrumentals and powerful salsa dance tunes in Spanish and English. Released on Jazz Caliente Records in 1993, this CD captures Susie on electric violin with a host of outstanding Los Angeles musicians in exciting, hard driving performances. In 2004, Susie Hansen’s Solo Flight was honored as one of the top 100 Independent Latin Jazz recordings by Latin Beat Magazine.

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Musical Selections

  1. “You Name It” (Susie Hansen and David Stout, arr. by David Stout)Up-tempo Latin jazz instrumental with a hot violin solo by Susie Hansen, and “outstanding trombone and arranging by David Stout,” according to Dan Weinstein, LA Jazz Scene. This song was picked by L.A. jazz radio KLON for their 1996 CD sampler.
    Listen to MP3 sound clip of
    You Name It      
  2. “Es Muy Tarde” (Susie Hansen, arr. by Susie Hansen)A Latin jazz guajira with a sexy violin melody, a catchy coro, and vocal inspiration by Cheo Negro. “Incredible,” says Hector Resendez, LA Salsa Magazine. This Susie Hansen original composition is one of the bands most requested tunes.Listen to MP3 sound clip of
    Es Muy Tarde      
  3. “Solo Flight” (Susie Hansen, arr. by Susie Hansen)Hot Latin jazz, with solos by Susie and pianist Mark Gutierrez. “The upbeat title track,” says Zan Stewart of the LA Times, is “among the highlights” of the CD. “An instrumental that showcases Susie Hansen’s skill on the violin,” according to Mal Sands, LA Jazz Scene. “Susie’s ethereal lead runs illustrate the meaning of ‘Solo Flight’,” says Joey Alkes, LA Express.Listen to MP3 sound clip of
    Solo Flight      
  4. “If Only” (David Stout, arr. by David Stout)Mellow Latin jazz featuring the violin, “a very pretty David Stout original,” according to LA Jazz Scene. “The truly romantic ‘If Only’ is poignant, as only a violin can make it,” says Myrna Daniels, LA Jazz Scene.
  5. “Now I Know What Love Is” (Susie Hansen and David Stout, arr. by David Stout)Salsa in English, “a sure-fire pop-crossover with a jazzy Latin edge,” says Joey Alkes, LA Express.
  6. “Beautiful Maria of My Soul” (Robert Kraft and Arne Glimcher, arr. by David Stout)A remake of the Grammy and Oscar nominated song from the movie “Mambo Kings,” played with a driving salsa beat. “The pop-flavored vocals and arrangement reveal a winning commercial touch,” says Lloyd Sachs in the Chicago Sun Times. “Evocative,” says Zan Stewart, LA Times. “A magnificent performance by Cheo Negron” on vocals, according to Hector Resendez, LA Salsa Magazine. This cut of Susie’s has been very popular in Italy.Listen to MP3 sound clip of
    Beautiful Maria      
  7. “Azucar” (Mark Gutierrez, arr. by Mark Gutierrez)Latin jazz in a traditional style, with “a very powerful beat,” says Mal Sands, LA Jazz Scene. “The real sleeper of the CD…written by another one of L.A.’s best kept secrets, Mark Gutierrez,” says LA Salsa Magazine.
  8. “Just to See Her” (Smokey Robinson, arr. by Susie Hansen)Salsa in English, a remake of the well-known Smokey Robinson tune, with vocals by Mike Jimenez.
  9. “Circles” (David Stout, arr. David Stout)A Latin jazz instrumental featuring Susie on violin. “Zesty,” says Zan Stewart of the LA Times, “a Hansen vehicle all the way,” according to LA Jazz Scene.
  10. “Feel the Heat” (Susie Hansen, David Stout, Susan Youngblood, arr. by David Stout)Pop/Salsa in English, “an urban flavored hybrid tune,” according to Gil Rivera, Latin Beat Magazine, well sung by Mike Jimenez. “Very hip,” says LA Salsa Magazine.
  11. “Back Talk” (David Stout, arr. by David Stout)A straight-ahead jazz tune with a powerful Latin beat. This up-tempo and hard driving tune “brings the disc to a very exciting close,” says LA Jazz Scene.

Musicians Featured

  • SUSIE HANSEN, Zeta electric violin, background vocals
  • DAVID STOUT, trombone
  • PEDRO EUSTACHE, tenor sax, flute
  • CHEO NEGRON, lead vocals (Spanish)
  • MIKE JIMENEZ, lead vocals (English), background vocals
  • MARK GUTIERREZ, piano, keyboards, guitar, background vocals
  • MIKE RIVERA, electric bass
  • JON PINTOFF, electric bass
  • MICHITO SANCHEZ, congas, bell, maracas, guiro, additional percussion
  • ANGEL FIGUEROA, congas, bongo, bell, triangle
  • TONY ROSA, congas
  • RONNIE GUTIERREZ, drum set, timbales
  • KEVIN RICARD, timbales

Press Reviews

  • ken-franklin-jazz-notesHansen and her L.A. based group achieve a rhythmic grove that’s nothing less than hypnotizing.”
    –Mark Holston, JAZZIZ Magazine, New York
  • orlando-lopez-el-magazine“It’s difficult not to be impressed by Susie Hansen’s debut CD…a recommended disc.”
    –Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene
  • marc-myers-jazz-wax“‘Solo Flight’ is a captivating recording.”
    –Zan Stewart, Los Angeles Times
  • chris-spector-midwest-record“Susie Hansen’s debut CD is an inspiring body of music, sexy, soulful, warm and moving.”
    –Joey Alkes, LA Express
  • rudy-mangual-latin-beat“Susie Hansen…has earned a noble rank in the world of Afro-Cuban Jazz.”
    –Max Salazar, Latin Beat Magazine
  • roberto-rabbi-musica-salsa“This entire project features some of L.A.’s best talent.”
    -Hector Resendez, LA Salsa Magazine
  • marc-myers-jazz-wax“Hansen has scored a hit with ‘Solo Flight’. It is an excellent blend of instrumentals and vocals that features the exciting sounds of Susie Hansen’s Zeta electric violin.”
    –Mal Sands, LA Jazz Scene
  • ken-franklin-jazz-notes“This entire project features some of L.A.’s best talent.”
    –Hector Resendez, LA Salsa Magazine
  • orlando-lopez-el-magazine“She brings a…vigorously swinging touch to traditional forms.”
    –Lloyd Sachs, Chicago Sun Times
  • chris-spector-midwest-record“Hot, hot, hot, a fantastic CD!”
    –Sancho, KPCC-FM, Pasadena
  • rudy-mangual-latin-beat“…a Latin jazz recommendation.”
    –Nelson Rodriguez, Latin Beat Magazine
  • roberto-rabbi-musica-salsa“Her group is hot and Susie sizzles!”
    –Frank “the Jazz Guy” Amarino, KTUH-FM, Honolulu
  • roberto-rabbi-musica-salsa“Hansen’s CD Solo Flight is a strong example of her diverse musical talents.”
    –Scott Yanow, Music Connection Magazine, Los Angeles
  • roberto-rabbi-musica-salsa“It’s a great CD!”
    –Hector Resendez, Canto Tropical, KPFK-FM, Los Angeles
  • roberto-rabbi-musica-salsa“…a Latin jazz CD which showcases her versatility on the electric violin–a strong debut by energetic violinist/bandleader Susie Hansen.”
    –Gil Rivera, Latin Beat Magazine